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BA. Interactive Arts + Technology

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+ Web & Brand Designer @ Railyard Lab

Freelancing as a Web Designer / UX Consultant

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Dutch Design '19

Legacy Research Project

Interaction Design

Web Development

Video editing

A bi-annual legacy research project run by professor Russell Taylor to document and research Dutch Design in the Netherlands.

16 interviews, 1 short film - shot in 9 different cities.

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Interaction Design Project - UX/UI Design

Interaction Design

UX Design

UI Design

A design intervention for the Vancouver International Film Festival. "Loop" is a mobile app that aims to bridge the gap between youth audience members and their attendance to the festival.

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Visual Design - Marketing Materials + Illustrations


Marketing visuals

Social media strategy

As a digital design intern on the marketing team, I primarily created visuals for both internal/external marketing communciation pieces, social media, and implemented new brand imagery.

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Crowdfunding Campaign - Experience Design

Art direction

Web Development

User Research

PeaceGeeks is a non profit organization that helps refugees settle into Canada. I had the pleasure of conducting the art direction of the 2018 crowfunding campaign called #GiveItUp4Peace, producing internal/external communciation visuals, user journey mapping the experience and developing the website.

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